Open Positions:


  1. Manager (Finance and Marketing)

Job Profile:
  • Work on marketing and monetization strategy.
  • Work on accounting and related legal activities.
  • Preparing an annual budget, scheduling expenditures and sales forecasting.
  • Plan, monitor and execute day to day financial operations such as invoicing, transactions etc.
  • Managing the team, organizing meetings, giving trainings etc.
  • Drawing of the progress curve and following update with the team.
  • Should motivate yourself and the team every time.
Essential qualifications:
  • MBA or Entrepreneurship or management science degree in Marketing and Finance.
  • Having experience and knowledge on implementing monetisation strategy.
  • Having experience on accounting and related legal activities.
  • Having an experience and work on various marketing methods successfully.
  • Able to plan and execute independently and can work with the team.
  • Leadership quality, proactive, humble, accept challenges to solve a problem.
  1. Manager (Operation and HR)

Job profile:
  • Work on HR and recruitment activities.
  • Managing and working on the payroll of the company.
  • Set objectives for HR team and track progress.
  • Design and implement company policies.
Essential qualifications:
  • MBA or Entrepreneurship or management science degree in HR and Operation.
  • Having an experience on recruiting methodologies, payroll and HR management.
  • Able to lead the team and operate a company.
  • Good knowledge of labor law
  • Experience in designing compensation and benefits packages.
  • Excellent analytical and decision making abilities with team management skills.
  • Proficiency in speaking fluent English and Manipuri.
  1. Contractors (Electrical)

Job profile:
  • Must be responsible and work on installation and maintenance of electrical systems.
  • Tasks include administration, customer support, scheduling appointment, tender application, completing regulatory requirements etc.
  • Work in commercial, industrial and residential settings.
  • Takes responsibility of health, safety and quality on the site.
  • Deal skillfully with clients, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractor etc.
Essential qualifications:
  • Degree or Diploma in Electrical engineering.
  • Having experience with electrical structural drawings
  • Able to install, fit, repair and maintenance of any electrical systems for commercial, residential and industrial site.
  • Able to liase, deal and work with the people.
  • Proficiency in speaking fluent English and Manipuri.
  1. Customer support Executive:

Job profile:
  • Handling calls, greet the incoming customers and convert them into leads.
  • Provide accurate information about the products or services.
  • Handle complaints, provide appropriate solution and alternatives and following up to ensure resolution within time limit.
  • Keep records of the customer interaction and accounts.
Essential qualifications:
  • Having a degree, or high school diploma
  • Having experience in handling calls and listening skills.
  • Proven customer support experience.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Fluency in speaking English and Meiteilon/Manipuri.
  1. Trainee:

 Job responsibilities:
  • Receive training and work in various departments such as management, sales, media, electrical, civil etc.
  • Provide support, assist as needed in various departments.
Essential qualifications:
  • Degree or Diploma or ITI in electrical, civil, management.
  • Young, passionate, eager to learn and focus on growth.
  • Good communication skills and fluency in speaking English and Manipuri.

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