What we are doing now:

The Sintha Pamel is currently giving solutions by creating an online platform or marketplace which allows customers shop or hiring professionals in a single app.

Customers will have great shopping experiences on the store. Products are exclusively focused on home improvements, furniture, tools, crafts, personal, households and decorative items. Not only customers will have the Store for shopping in the app, but also they can hire expert local professionals such as installers (TV, furniture, AC), plumbers, barber, electricians, beauticians, decorators, home building designers or planners, home improvement professionals and so on.

We are also enabling sellers to set up their own store and sell their products, and sellers, workers or professionals to receive their order, tasks or enquiries, payments etc. on their phone.

Our Mission

We have just started, already growing and lot more to grow. Since we started the journey we are always excited and working on to meet our goal in solving the challenges faced by the un-organized skilled workforce and unskilled workers; and also giving reliable solutions to the people or customers in the availability of trusted professional skilled workers, affordable options in choosing various home services, irregular pricing standards, pricing options, easy shopping experience and convenience.

Currently, customers can enjoy our services in mobile application that serves better for your convenience anywhere. Customers will enjoy great offers, availability of no EMI loans on many products, flexible payment options such as Pay on delivery, many payment methods such as net banking, UPI, Credit card, debit card etc.

Please download the app, install it, sign up and check out the features, products and services we offer.

Please feel free to write to us via email or call us if there are any more information we can deliver and we are happy for any inputs or suggestions.

Grateful for supporting us to give you the best services we could.

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