Welcome to Sintha Pamel. Thank you for shopping with us.

To give you the best experience shopping with us, we introduce guaranteed delivery, safely at your home.

Shipping Methods:

When you purchase a product, you have the options to chose from two shipping methods available with us.

  • Fulfillment by the company:
    • We pack and ship the order from the store of our fulfillment centre and manage all your returns, refunds and queries.
    • Fast and guaranteed delivery on the time scheduled.
    • You will have offers for free shipping on certain products, based on the region of your shipping address, subsequent orders or order quantity etc.
    • Shipping costs are standard based on the region, local, city, weight etc.

  • Fulfillment by the seller:
  • Seller received the order notices, pack and have the options to ship either by self or by the company to the customers doorstep. Seller can decide to choose the operations or managements such as returns, delivery time, customer queries. Based on shipping address of the customers, and the availability of the products in the seller store, sometimes seller fulfillment shipping methods can also be more convenient, easy and fast enough.

Estimated Delivery Time:

Delivery time depends on the sizes or bulkiness of the products, distance or the regions of the customer’s delivery address. Delivery time and day normally will be given at the check out page while your are ordering your products.

Generally, most of the orders take no more than 7 business working days time of delivery which we termed as Standard delivery service.

We also have fast track delivery service available for domestic or local orders. The delivery time may take from immediate to same day delivery or maximum one day delivery depending on the shipping address of the customers if the listed products are available or applicable for fast track delivery.

Shipping Costs:

Shipping rates are available while you proceed to check out to buy a product based on your selected options such as payment methods, delivery speed type such as standard delivery, fast track delivery, fulfilment types, delivery address etc.

From time to time, we may review our policy and revise the terms, please come and check here for any updates.

If you have any inquiries about this shipping policy, please contact us by email.